Dods at Party Conference 2022

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Dods at Party Conference dialogue will be disseminated through an array of online and print titles which reach into every part of the UK, national governments and public institutions:

PoliticsHome and Holyrood will be reporting on all the news as it happens at the Party Conferences, and Dods Political Intelligence will be providing a special daily conference update. The House and Holyrood magazines' conference specials, packed with exclusive interviews and articles, will all be available free of charge at the individual conferences.

PoliticsHome is the most read specialist political news source in Parliament and prides itself on the quality and speed of its coverage. This makes it an indispensable information source for the most influential people in the UK - MPs, Peers, Senior Civil Servants and Westminster journalists – helping to set their agenda for the day.

Website: PoliticsHome

Twitter: @politicshome


The House magazine is “Parliament’s own” publication, sent out to every Member of Parliament and Peer. Totally impartial and answerable to a cross-party editorial board, The House carries exclusive high profile interviews and articles from Parliamentarians and policy information. It’s very much the in-house publication for Parliament and, as such, is a hugely effective way to target MPs & Peers, removing any editorial agenda that might exist in other political publications.

Website: The House

Twitter: @TheHouseMag


Holyrood is Scotland’s award-winning political and current affairs magazine that is regularly quoted within the Scottish Parliament as a source of reliable information and political debate. It is the most widely read publication amongst MSPs according to Ipsos MORI.

Website: Holyrood

Twitter: @HolyroodDaily

Dods Impact combines the best of a creative studio and a strategic consultancy, with the unrivalled reputation of Dods media platforms. We build Integrated political and public sector engagement campaigns, using multimedia content, advertising, events and research to achieve clients’ objectives. But we don’t
take a one-size-fits-all approach – we respond to every organisation and every campaign individually, creating an approach that’s right for you.


Leading policy news, insights and analysis from across the UK and EU.

Dods Political Intelligence delivers objective, relevant and contextual insights through a unique combination of expert consultant led curation and innovative technologies. Our comprehensive monitoring and analysis package for politics and policy developments across the UK and EU helps clients inform decisions and develop effective strategies.

Website: Dods Political Intelligence

Twitter: @dodspolintel


Dods Group Ltd is a global, political intelligence company with bases in Westminster, Holyrood, Brussels, and Paris. We believe it is people that shape the future of our democracy, so we made it our business to inform, educate and connect people to enable better decision making.

We are an ‘honest broker’, the dynamic conduit running from boardrooms and business insiders, through to the key movers and shakers across governments, politics, and policy, enabling more informed decision making and increased participation in the process.

Utilizing cutting edge technology and granular data analysis, we uniquely offer fast, accurate and relevant content covering all the latest political developments shaping policy, regulation and legislation across Europe and the UK via our various intuitive channels including award winning publications, events, training, and monitoring services.

If you want to understand the business of politics, then come to Dods because politics is our business.

Website: Dods Group

Twitter: @DodsGroup